The users telephony control

The telephony control enables the user to control calls at the monitored local phone. The call control has a limited active queue with the maximum of two calls in the list.

The following call control methods are available in the control:

Pickup Answer an alerting call at the device.
Hangup Clear a connected call at the device.
Transfer Transfer a connected call to the number in the number field.
DTMF Send DTMF tones through the connected call
Consult Consult a connected call to the number in the number field.
Back Cancel a consulted call and retrieve the original call.
Call Create a call to the number in the number field.
Conference If there is an active call between User 1 and User 2, then User 2 makes a Consultation call to User 3. User 3 answers the consultation call. User 2 can now click the Confere button to establish a conference between all three users.
 Telephony Control is not visible when running a Switchboard client.

DTMF tones

The user can use the Totalview client to send DTMF tones through an active phone connection. This enables the user to send information such as customer id or menu selection to a telebutler system by using the Totalview client.

An example of the DTMF tones form is shown below.

The user can send DTMF tones to the active connection using the following functions:

  • Send digits using the onscreen numeric display
  • Write or copy digits into the edit box and select send (or press enter)

It is possible to send up to 26 characters at the same time.

Allowed characters are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, *, #, A, B, C, D

Last edited on April 1st, 2020