Viewing the Current State

At the top of the My State screen, you will find your current state settings, which shows the following information:

  • The user’s name
  • The user’s current state in color and text (If the current state contains an end time, this line will be appended with “Back in (n) minutes”)
  • The message attached to the current state
  • The user’s current location (only if set)
  • The time of his last state registration, if no end time is set (In case of a state with an end time, it will show the time in the format [HH:MM]–[HH:MM])
  • The Do Not Disturb and forwarding settings (only if set)
  • The current Caller ID setting (only if using 3CX) or the Remote Office setting (only if using Broadworks)
  • The current Work Specification (only if set)
  • List of call groups the user is signed in to (only if using 3CX, Broadworks or IPOffice)




Last edited on October 22nd, 2019