Transferring an incoming call

In situations where you need to dispatch an incoming call to a different person (e.g. another colleague), you can use call transferring. In order for call transferring to work, several conditions have to be met:

  • Totalview is running together with Broadworks with Remote Office activated or IPOffice with Mobile Twinning activated
  • The Caller is calling the local device of the user, i.e. the call is via the PBX

How to transfer an incoming call

After answering an incoming call, you can transfer that call by minimizing the call screen, opening Totalview, and open either the contacts view or the call log.

In the Contacts view, choose a person and click on the Transfer icon next to his name and you will transfer the call to his local device. In order to select a different number from that person, you can go to his contact details and click the same button for the respective number.


In the Call Log, open the dial pad, type in a telephone number and click on the Transfer icon:



Blind transfer and Consult

It is currently not possible to put a user on hold while consulting a colleague. This means that all transfers via a smart client are blind transfers where the initial call is dropped as soon as the transfer is initiated.

If a person does not answer a transferred call, the call is usually reconnected to A. In order to change this settings, please refer to your specific PBX settings.

Last edited on December 6th, 2019