Call statistics when using the Avaya IPOffice phone system

When using call statistics with the Avaya IPOffice phone system there are a few exceptions.
These exception are because of missing events in certain situations, especially missing events on external trunks.

No call statistics are shown for:

  • external calls to not registered devices
  • external calls to busy devices
  • external calls to devices forwarded to external device
  • queued calls at busy group or device

There are statistics for external calls to empty groups or groups with no available member.

No transferred call statistics are shown for blind transferred calls.
E.g. there is no statistics about how many blind transferred calls are answered after transfer.

Transferred call statistics are shown for consult/transferred calls, but there are some limitations for calls transferred to external devices.

Calls for twinning devices do always show local device as connected device even if call is answered by twinning device


Last edited on August 2nd, 2019