Key Login Setup

When using keys to login to Totalview, the key reader must be setup to send the login information to Totalview.
Totalview uses the unique key id of the key to identify the user. The user’s login key id is registered for each user in Totalview Admin.
When the key reader is sending the key ID login information to Totalview, the key ID must be prepended with ASCII value 0167. It is also beneficial if the reader executes an Enter on behalf of the user.

The pcProx Plus reader from is tested by Totalview and is capable of reading a variety of key formats.
Below is a description of how to setup the CardAccess reader.


Setup using the CardAccess reader.


1. Download the CardAccess configuration utility


2. Config CardAccess

  • With the CardAccess reader attached to the pc, run pcProx.
  • Select Set Keystroke Data.
  • Use the following settings and select Write to pcProx or AIR ID


Open notepad and test the settings. The output in notepad should be

Last edited on October 26th, 2017