AD import mappings

When importing data from AD into Totalview the following mappings to Totalview users are used. The grid also shows if the mappings can be remapped to other AD Field. Remapping is set in the TotalviewAD connector setup.

Totalview Field AD Field Remap Description
Enabled userAccountControl & UF_ACCOUNT_DISABLE No If the user is known to Totalview the user will be deactivated.
Group caption givenName No displayName if it is not empty otherwise name. Used when showing group captions in Totalview
Name givenName Yes First name of user
Surname sn Yes Username
Calendar ID Mailfile No Used for Notes synchronization
Calendar ID proxyAddresses No First proxyAddresses. Used for Exchange synchronization.
Win Login sAMAccountName No Users windows login id
UserId sAMAccountNam No Users Totalview login id
Work telephoneNumber Yes Users work number.
Local telephoneNumber Yes Users local number. Conversion rules can be applied to the local number.
e-mail mail Yes Users e-mail
Homepage wWWHomePage Yes Users homepage
Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber Yes Users fax number.
Home homePhone Yes Users home number.
Mobile mobile Yes Users mobile number.
Sip msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress Yes Users sip address.
User picture thumbnailPhoto Yes Users profile picture
Last edited on October 26th, 2017