Data Dump

What is data dump

Data dump, is a service that will store the current state and location of all users in Totalview to a given directory.


How to enable data dump

Stop the MobileWeb connector from the Totalview Admin console.

From Totalview Admin, select the MobileWeb connector in Connectors-Overview and press Install/Update.

Open Totalview3WCF.exe.config in a text editor and add this section right below the <configuration> tag

<section name=”dataDumpConfigurationSection” type=”Totalview.ConfigurationSections.DataDumpConfigurationSection, Totalview3WCF”/>
<dataDumpConfigurationSection outputDirectoryPath=”c:\DataDump” saveInterval=”00:05:00″ saveAsHTML=”false” errorEmailToAddress=””/>


Valid options for the dataDumpConfigurationSection

Name Type Default value Required Description
outputDirectoryPath Text Yes Where the files should be written
saveInterval TimeSpan 00:05:00 Yes The interval for the pull
saveAsHTML Boolean false No File format as fully styled .html file (false provides plaintext .txt file)
errorEmailToAddress Text No If an error occurs, it will be logged and sent to this address.
errorEmailFromAddress Text No If an error occurs, it will be logged and sent from this address. Not used if email is sent using the Exchange connector.



Save as HTML

Example of Data Dump file with saveAsHTML configuration option set to “true”.


Error Emails

If you write an email address in the errorEmailToAddress field in the dataDumpConfigurationSection, an email will be set to this address if an error occurs.

The same email will be sent once every 30 minutes as long as the error persists.

Totalview Data Dump Error Email

Example of Data Dump Error Email

Last edited on June 21st, 2018