Before Installing


Read this document prior to installing the Totalview server, clients and connectors.

This document describes how to get started installing Totalview, how to get started using Totalview, the structure of the documentation and where you can get additional information.

Information about System Requirements can be found in the Totalview System Requirements

 NB! Major upgrades of Totalview demands new license with major version included! E.g. “Upgrade to 2018”.

Getting started installing Totalview

The document Totalview Installation and Upgrade guide describes how to install or upgrade the Totalview server.

When installing/upgrading, an optional demo database can be installed. The demo database is used in the documentation examples.

Getting started using Totalview

After installing or upgrading a Totalview server, you have to install a server license to be able to use Totalview.

See the Totalview Admin guide for information on how to install a license and getting started using Totalview.

Totalview documentation

The documentation is divided into three groups:

  • The installation process
  • Using Totalview
  • Technical documentation


The installation process

Totalview Before installing This document
Totalview Installation and Upgrade guide Description of Totalview installation and/or upgrade.
Totalview Technical quide


Description of how configure Totalview and how to configure integration with external systems like Exchange and Google calendar.


Using Totalview

Totalview Admin guide


Description of getting started running Totalview server with the initial login and license registration.

With Admin you control all the Totalview settings and behaviour. Manage resources and their details, create and install connectors, manage states, etc.

Admin also describes the behaviour of the Totalview server – state behaviour, connector settings, license control, etc.

Totalview Client User guide


After using Admin to install the license and setting up the Totalview server, the User guide describes how to use the Switchboard, Receptionist and Client. The User guide also contains description of how to create appointments in calendar systems to be synchronized with Totalview and how to use SMS to interact with Totalview.


Technical information

Totalview Technical guide


For the persons who wants to know what is going on behind the scenes.

An in depth technical description of how to configure setup with external system like Exchange or Google calendar.


Last edited on June 4th, 2018