Totalview 2020 Release Notes

Get ready for Totalview 2020, the newest version of our telephony and business management suite, with tons of exciting features:

  1. Totalview Cloud
  2. Powerful Authentication
  3. Switchboard & Client Design Update
  4. Call Statistics For Avaya
  5. Linux Support For 3CX
  6. Twilio SMS Integration
  7. More Exciting Features
To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.



1. Totalview Cloud

For organizations that do not want to rely on an in-house server infrastructure, we are proud to announce the launch of Totalview Cloud. You can now enjoy the perks of a service-based solution, where your data is stored securely in an off-site location. That way you don’t have to keep investing in expensive hardware, or worry about administrative costs. We are taking care of it.


2. Powerful Authentication

For Totalview 2020 we reimagined the entire authentication architecture, to make sure that all data access is secure as well as easy to manage. Logging into one client means you are logged into all Totalview Clients, making work across applications a breeze. Additionally users can now change and reset their password themselves.



3. Switchboard & Client Design Update

The Totalview Switchboard has received a major design overhaul together with the PC Client. It includes a fresh update of all icons, new state indicators, an improved layout of the active queue section and many other exciting visual features.



4. Call Statistics For Avaya

Since the last release, where support for Avaya was officially announced, we worked hard to ensure that Totalview Reports could also be used with Avaya. In the newest version, this is now possible, giving your organization a feature-rich tool to analyze and optimize your telephony resources.




5. Linux Support For 3CX

In order to accomodate many users that are using Linux with their 3CX setup, Totalview 2020 officially offers support for running 3CX connectors on Linux machines.



6. Twilio SMS Integration

As we are constantly striving to strengthen our user base, the latest update of Totalview features support for Twilio SMS, which you can use to send SMS messages directly from the Totalview sytem.


7. More Exciting Features

Totalview HR API
We are taking HR Recruitment one step further by allowing API access to vacancy listings and detail pages, so you can integrate HR Recruitment with your website.

Toggle work specification number
For mobile users, it is now possible for the work specification number to be switched on or off, depending on the needs of individual users.

Increased call log size
We have drastically increased the size of the call log in the Totalview Smartclients, so you have all information at your fingertips.

Powerful contacts search
We worked hard to make sure that search results are more clear depending on the type of information being searched for, when trying to find colleagues.

Decentralized PC Client
For organizations with Totalview Cloud, the PC client will now be decentralized, instead of being accessed from a shared folder.

Client shortcuts
Instead of manually assigning shortcuts to Totalview Time, Totalview HR and Reports, the newest PC Client will show fixed shortcuts to these applications.

Average employee age
In Totalview HR, users can now see the average employee age for their overall organization, as well as for individual divisions.

Doorway Internationalization
The Totalview Doorway Client now officially supports languages other than English.

Search in work specifications
On the dashboard of the work specification reports, users can now search for companies or projects, to easier find the information they need.

Improved server logging
On the Totalview Server, we enhanced the detail that is logged, as well added levels of logging, to aid in the pursuit of error finding.

Show call back in active queue
Users of the Switchboard can now see call back calls in the active queue as incoming calls. (Only supported by 3CX at the moment.)

Hide appointment info
Administrators can now set individual users to hide appointment information from others, such as location and subject.

Appointment activation override
Administrators are now able to override if appointments can be activated, e.g. if users are in a certain state.

Trigger URL activation
Totalview Connect allows users to trigger URL activation, e.g. to open a web page and attach the phone number of an incoming call.

Admin only users
You can now create users with access to Totalview Admin only. The user will not be visible in clients and does not occupy a license.

Attended transfer for 3CX
We have now added support for attended transfer, hands free MakeCall and AnswerCall for all devices when using 3CX v 16.

Division in contact list
Mobile users will be glad to hear that we added divisions to the contact list, so colleagues can be more easily identified when scrolling through the list.

Default work specification on reservation end state
In the newest version of Totalview, we have also added the possibility to add default work specification on reservation end state.

Improved sorting in Wallboard
The wallboard now offers better sorting, such as by device id or name. Additionally, call group groups can be sorted using the sort parameter in the url.

Improved search in PC Client
The PC Client received an update in regards to the search experience, as we added the possibility to search for whole words.



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To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.

Last edited on February 28th, 2020