Setting up Totalview

Use the Admin to configure the various aspects of the Totalview server and clients.

The various views are used as follows:

User Manage users and the users’ info. New users can be created individually or imported from a file. (see: The User view)
State Manage the states and their settings. (See: The States view)
Template Manage the template and their settings. Templates consist of a state and default settings used when selecting the template. (See: The Templates view)


Custom fields Manage custom user fields with predefined or user defined values. Examples of predefined value fields are Division and Capabilities. Examples of user defined values are Titles and Addresses. (See: The Custom fields view)


Client settings Holds the client settings for the users. (see: The Client Settings view)
Connectors Configure and register the various connector services like HiPath, exchange and SMS. (see: The Connectors view)
Devices When using HiPath connectors the trunks and mandatory devices are listed here. (See: The Devices view)
Forwarding Manage forwarding rules. Used to define how devices are forwarded by default. (see: The Forwarding view)
Server settings Set the global server settings and load license files. (see: The Server settings view)
Connections Lists current client connections to the Totalview 2017 server. Close or disconnect connected clients. (See: The Connections view)
Phonebook Manage the Phonebook. Numbers can be added manually or loaded from a text file. (See: The Phone book view)


Last edited on March 28th, 2017