The Phone book view

The numbers and names that are shown in the telephony control in the Totalview3Clients, come from the phonebook registered in the Totalview3Admin.

Phone numbers can be imported from a CSV or NUF file (see appendix I, II, III) or the numbers can be maintained directly in this view.

To import a file with numbers Press Functions and select Import

Filename Name of the file to be imported. Browse to your import file by selecting the “…” button.
Country Code Adds the country code to the numbers in the import file. If the numbers already contain the country code, this field should be left blank. The country code should include the trailing +, e.g. +45, +46, +358, +298.
Header Choose if the Header is included in the file or not. If header is included import will start at line 2 of the file.
Insert Mode Choose if you want to append to existing phonebook or overwrite duplicate numbers.
Delete from Phonebook Here you can select if you want to delete: Nothing, standard entries, User level entries og everything.

Press Import to import the phonebook.

For more information about file format and periodic import See Appendix IV: Phonebook import – file format.

You can also register, delete or edit numbers and names in the Phonebook manually:

  • New entry: Select New from the menu or press the Add button below. In the dialog box that opens, fill in name, number (with + and country code) and address and press enter to save
  • Modify entry: Search for the name or number you want to modify, by writing in the search field and press enter. Select the user you want to modify and press the modify In the dialog box, make the changes and press enter or OK

Last edited on April 3rd, 2017