Web service connectors

Connectors of the web service status type enables Totalview to communicate with external systems using web services.

Totalview MobileWeb Connector Parameters

The MobileWeb connector enables smart clients, wallboard, doorway and more to communicate with the Totalview server using standard SOAP or REST requests.

Clients can request information from the Totalview server via the MobileWeb Connector and display it on clients. Clients can also send commands such as change current state to the Totalview server.

Call Group Groups
Grouping of call group numbers in Totalview Wallboard

WCF endpoint address
Enter the endpoint address for the WCF connector.
Min. password length
Define the minimum length of the passwords used when logging in from the smart clients.
Prefix intervals
The prefix interval setting is used to map local number to their external fully qualified numbers.

Local numbers are stored without area and trunk codes, but when listing the local number on the mobile devices, they should be listed as fully qualified; otherwise the mobile devices can not dial the numbers.

E.g. local number 4000 should be listed as +45xxxx4000 so that the mobile device can dial the numbers.

The order of the rules is essential. The first rule that matches the local number will be used.

Star/End local
Defines what devices will use the specified prefix. All devices within the interval will have the prefix applied to their local number when listed on the mobile device.
Max length
In case the local numberplan is x4000 and the external numberplan is xxxx4000, then only the last 4 digits should be used. Set the max length if only a part of the local number should be used – otherwise leave max length blank.
Define the prefix to put in front of the local number to be able to list it as fully qualified. In the example above the prefix would be set to +45xxxx.
Enable win login
Enable use of the UserWinLogin web service method. Enables login using the users win login. Can e.g. be used when logging in using a Sharepoint client. Admin username and password must be set to use this service.
Admin user
Username when calling the UserWinLogin web service or when logging in using the PublishClient or ExternalClient.
Admin password
Password when calling the UserWinLogin web service or when logging in using the PublishClient or ExternalClient.
API Key – Wallboard
The API key used by the wallboards. To generate a new key you can click on the generate button. Copy will copy the key to your clipboard.
Group Id
Id of call group group
Comma separated list of call group numbers in group
Logging level Select the log level for the connector. Levels are Trace, Debug, Info, Warn, Error, Fatal, Off.
Default log level is Info.
Changing the log level does not require restart of the connector.

Prefix interval examples

Below are two examples for what prefix interval settings to use when local number are mapped to external numbers.

Local numbers 100 to 199 are externally known as +4533449100 to +4533449199.

  • Start/End local : 100-199
  • Max length : <empty>
  • Prefix : +4533449

Local numbers 100 to 199 are externally known as +4533449500 to +4533449599.

  • Start/End local : 100-199
  • Max length : 2
  • Prefix : +45334495


The log will be written to the logs folder relative to the connector (i.e. [Totalview Installation]\WCF\[ConnectorName]\logs).
By default the logs will be kept for 30 days, and the log for today is called “_current.log”.
Any internal log errors will be logged to _interanl-log.log

NB! if you set the log level to Trace it will log a lot of data. Only have this enabled for a short time.

Last edited on October 14th, 2019