The Connections view

This view gives you an overview over all the current connections to the Totalview server. From here you can close the clients, before system maintenance etc.

In the top of the view, you can setup the message that are sent to clients

Reason Here you can choose between maintenance and upgrade
Seconds Number of seconds until the client closes
Show Select which connections shall be shown in the lower view. Choose between specific types of connections, e.g. Clients, Administrations or All
Message Write the message you wish to send to the users you are shutting down or disconnecting

After setting up the message and selecting the connection type right click in the connection view or select the functions menu item and select:

  • Close the selected client
  • Close all clients
  • Disconnect selected client
  • Disconnect all clients

The users will now receive the message and their clients will shut down or disconnect.

Last edited on May 9th, 2018